Živilė Kuckienė – MD, Endodontics, VILNIUS

Work and Education

2007 Graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine with a degree in dentistry;

2007–2008 Internship at the Bronius Sidaravičius Dental Clinic;

2008–2009 Worked at the V. Zaveckis Dental Practice;

2009–2011 Worked at Beadenta Dental Clinic;

2009–2014 Worked at Dental Clinic 32;

2009–2010 Worked at Denticija Clinic;

2011–2013 Worked at the Antakalnis Dental Centre;

2013–2014 Worked at Daira Medica Clinic;

2014–2017 Endodontic residency at Vilnius University;

2017 Began working as an endodontologist at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic.


Professional Development

2005 Traineeship at Cardiff University (Great Britain);

2006 Seminar: Basic Implantology and Aesthetics (Kaunas, Lithuania);

2007 Marketing in Implantology (Öhringen, Germany);

2008 Endodontics 2008 (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2008 Seminar: Sealing Dental Root Canals with Engine-Driven and Hand-Operated Instruments (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2009 Current Issues in Periodontology (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2009 Achievements in Dentistry – For Practice (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2009 Seminar: Modern Methods for Sealing Dental Roots. Thermoplastic Canal Filling Methods, Technology Options (Palanga, Lithuania);

2009 Innovations and Current Issues in Dental Practice (Palanga, Lithuania);

2009 Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Advanced Dental Prosthetics (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2009 Seminar: Crown Restorations Using Fibreglass Pins. Pins, Corono-Radicular Restoration and Other Materials (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2009 15th Anniversary Conference of the Odontologist Society (Druskininkai, Lithuania);

2010 Aesthetics – Impression or Mathematics? Modelling of Contacts Between Anterior and Posterior Teeth (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2010 Practical Endodontics Course (Palanga, Lithuania);

2010 Innovations and Current Issues in Dental Practice (Palanga, Lithuania);

2010 Anatomic Endodontic Technology (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2010 Working with “Difficult” Patients (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2010 Dental Innovations in Practice (Druskininkai, Lithuania);

2010 Endodontics 2010 Conference (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2010 Biological and Technological Aspects of Endodontic Treatment (Kaunas, Lithuania);

2011 Restoring Worn Teeth by Increasing Occlusal Vertical Dimension with Composites (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2011 Seminar: Positioning Trays. What Next? (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2011 Modern Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2011 Prevention, Early Diagnosis, Minimal Invasion (Druskininkai, Lithuania);

2011 Clinical Endodontics from A to Z (Kaunas, Lithuania);

2011 Ensuring Radiation Safety in X-Ray Diagnostics (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2011 Direct Restoration of Canine Guidance with Composites (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2012 Dental Photography in Clinical Practice: the ABCs of Tooth and Portrait Photography with Course Participant Practice (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2012 Infection Control. Mandatory Aid. Professional Ethics. Oral Disease Prevention (Palanga, Lithuania);

2012 Innovations and Current Issues in Dental Practice (Palanga, Lithuania);

2012 Aesthetics in Today’s Dentistry (Kaunas, Lithuania);

2012 Endobaltic 2012 Conference (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2012 Mastering Layering, Anatomy and Finishing of Anterior Composite Restorations (Kaunas, Lithuania);

2013 The Ideal Smile: No-Prep Veneers and Traditional Veneers (Kaunas, Lithuania);

2013 ESE Lisbon 2013 (Lisbon, Portugal);

2013 The Biological Principles of Using Trays, Key Moments in the Production and Application of a Mouth Guard in the Central Jaw Ratio (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2014 Positive Thinking in Endodontics (Lithuania);

2014 Conference: 20 Years of Independent Dentistry (Druskininkai, Lithuania);

2014 Multifunctional Orthodontics – an Alternative to Traditional Orthodontic Techniques (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2014 Interdisciplinary Aspects of Craniomandibular Disorders (Kaunas, Lithuania);

2014 Endobaltic 2014 Conference (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2015 Ethics, Legal Regulation and Responsibility in Medicine and Dentistry (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2015 The Hyflex EDM Concept (Barcelona, Spain);

2015 ESE Barcelona 2015 (Barcelona, Spain);

2015 Endodontics 2015 Conference (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2016 A Practical Look at the Aspects of Endodontic Microsurgery (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2016 Modern Dentistry (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2016 Pain Management (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2016 4×2 is Important (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2016 Endobaltic 2016 Conference (Vilnius, Lithuania).