Vita Lozinovienė – General Dental Practitioner, VILNIUS

Work and Education

2006 Graduated from the Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine Institute of Odontology;

2006–2007 Internship;

2006–2007 Worked at the Beadenta Dental Clinic;

2007–2008 Dentist at the Naujamiestis Dental Clinic;

2008–2016 Dentist at the InMedica Dental Clinic;

2016–present Dentist at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic.


Professional Development

2006 Cosmetic fillings courses with Prof. S. Radlinsky (Ukraine);

2006 Metal-Free Restorations in Pursuit of Perfect Aesthetics (Lithuania);

2007 Endodontics 2007 Conference (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2008 International Dental Congress;

2008 Endodontics 2008 Conference;

2008 Crown Restorations Using Fibreglass Pins;

2008 3rd Baltic Dental Research Conference;

2008 The Validity and Applicability of State-of-the-Art Technologies in Modern Endodontics;

2009 Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Advanced Dental Prosthetics;

2009 Endodontics 2009 Conference;

2010 Aesthetic Modelling of Contacts Between Anterior and Posterior Teeth, Prof. S. Radlinsky;

2010 Dental innovations in Practice;

2010 The Biological Principles of Using Trays;

2015 Prosthesis on Implants. The Basics;

2015 Implant Prosthesis from A to Z;

2016 Innovations and Current Issues in Dental Practice;

2016 Direct Restoration of the Anatomy of Worn Teeth from A to Z;

2016 The Key Aspects of Anterior Cosmetic Fillings in Pursuit of Perfection;

2016 Advanced Dentistry Today;

2016 The Latest Knowledge for Everyday Practice;

2016 Direct Cosmetic Dental Restorations in the Aesthetic Zone with Course Participant Practice.