Kristina Rynkevič – Dental Hygienist, VILNIUS

Through diligent work, sincere interaction and proper oral hygiene training, I try to achieve the best results in improving my patients’ oral health. “Our very best work is that which is done with good will and a natural inclination.” – Montesquieu.

I love my job!


Work and Education

2015 Dental hygienist/consultant for SanusDentes oral care products;

2015–2017 Dental hygienist at InMedica Clinic;

2016 Graduated from Utena College with professional certification as a dental hygienist;

2016–2017 Dental hygienist at DentaMed Clinic;

2017–present Dental hygienist at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic.


Professional Development

2016 Conference: 4×2 is Important;

2017 Conference: Current Issues in Periodontology.