Juozas Belickas – MD, PhD, Orthopaedic Traumatology

Patients usually come to an orthopaedic trauma physician because of pain or movement and support function disorders. The opportunities in orthopaedic traumatology are growing every year due to the innovations being introduced by implant and instrument manufacturers and the increasingly modern equipment that is available. So what seemed unfeasible a few years ago is now becoming standard medical practice. For these reasons, I cannot imagine my job without ongoing training and taking an interest in innovation.

Yet it is equally important for the patient to understand that medicine is not all-powerful, and that there are problems that we, unfortunately, are unable to resolve. Patient expectations vary and are not always in line with the pathology at hand, so it is very important to discuss the possible treatment outcomes and consequences with them in advance. Mutual trust and an open, detailed and straightforward conversation with the patient is one of the most important things.

My credo is: “Be sincere with your patients, but also explicit and strict; do your job professionally and from beginning to end.”


Work and Education

1991 Graduated from Kaunas Medical Academy;

1994 Completed general surgery residency at Kaunas University of Medicine;

1996 Completed orthopaedic traumatology residency at Kaunas University of Medicine;

2002 Awarded the Doctor of Medicine;

1996–present Orthopaedic trauma physician at Kaunas Clinical Hospital (previously the Kaunas Red Cross Clinical Hospital);

2005–present Head of the Department of Endoprosthetics and Sports Injuries at Kaunas Clinical Hospital;

2002–present Lecturer at the Kaunas University of Medicine Orthopaedic Traumatology Clinic;

2005–present Orthopaedic trauma physician at UAB Ortopedijos Technika;

2009–present Orthopaedic trauma physician at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic.


Professional Development

1991 Traineeship at Aarhus Municipal Hospital (Denmark);

1995 Summer orthopaedics courses (Helsinki, Finland);

1995 Traineeship at Aarhus Municipal Hospital (Denmark);

1998 Traineeship at Lorenz Böhler Trauma Centre (Vienna, Austria);

1998 Traineeship at Waterbury Hospital (USA);

1999 Traineeship at Générale-Beaulieu Hospital (Geneva, Switzerland);

2000 Salzburg Medical Seminar (Salzburg, Austria);

2001 Traineeship at Kassel Orthopaedic Hospital (Germany);

2004 Traineeship at Ghent University Hospital (Belgium).