Darius Grečna – Physiotherapist

Education, Training, and Positions

1996 Graduated from the former Lithuanian State Institute of Physical Education (recently Lithuanian Sports University) and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy after completion of physical therapy program

1997 Physiotherapist at former Kaunas Red Cross Clinical Hospital (recently Kaunas Clinical Hospital)

2001 Physiotherapist at the rehabilitation office “Vitameda”

2002 Private practice in physical therapy

2009 Physiotherapist at the Clinic “Grožio chirurgija” UAB



1997 Seminar of the Lithuanian Association for Physical Therapists “Joint Mobilization”

2001 Professional qualification courses “Basics of Massage” organized by the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University

2001 Courses “Classical Massage” organized by the KKKDPS Teaching Centre

2002 Professional qualification courses “Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain” organized by the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University

2003 Courses “Massage” and “Acupressure Massage” organized by the SDTS Centre

2003 Courses of “Yumeiho” therapy

2009 Teaching courses “Body Sculpting Massage” organized by “International School SPA”

2009 Practical seminar “Relaxing Body Massage” organized by “Femina Bona”

2010 Practical courses “Injuries, Examination, and Physical Therapy of the Rotator Cuff” organized by the Faculty of Health Care, Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences

2011 Seminar “Methods of Classical Vacuum Massage with a STARVAC device and their application in practice. Cellulite Treatment”

2011 Seminar “A New Approach of Applied Physical Therapy and Methods in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Nervous System and Musculoskeletal System Disorders”

2011 Courses “Manual Lymph Drainage”

2011 Courses “Rehabilitation of Lower Limb Injuries”

2012 Courses “K-Active Taping”