Artūras Šalaševičius – MD, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Work and Education

1993 Graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine;

1998 Completed obstetrics and gynaecology residency at Kaunas University of Medicine;

1997–2000 OB/GYN at Jonava Hospital;

1998–2001 OB/GYN at Kaunas Christian Maternity Hospital;

2001–2002 OB/GYN at Elektrėnai Primary Health Care Centre;

2002–2010 Internship coordinator at Jonava Hospital;

2010–present Coordinator of practical training for sixth-year medical students at Jonava Hospital;

2002–2004 OB/GYN at GP Clinic;

2002–present OB/GYN and department head at Jonava Hospital;

2003–2008 Assistant at Kaunas University of Medicine;

2008–2009 OB/GYN at the Aesthetic Surgery Centre;

2010–present OB/GYN at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic.


Professional Development

2000 Traineeship at Tübingen University Böblingen Hospital (Germany);

2003 TOT: Surgical Repair of Urinary Incontinence (Paris, France).