Antanas Mickevičius – MD, PhD, Abdominal Surgery

It is my belief that in today’s global, dynamic society, the best treatment outcome can be attained on the basis of fundamental medical values while being flexible with introducing achievements in science and technology into practice.

Respect for the patient, patient safety, trust in the doctor, mutual understanding between the doctor and the patient, conscientiousness and responsibility are the values that I follow in my day-to-day work. This is the foundation that, when supplemented with continuous surgical practice and development while trying to introduce science-based innovations, makes it possible to solve the patient’s individual problems, prescribe the optimal treatment, and bring about the quickest recovery.


Work and Education

1990 Graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine;

1993 Completed general surgery residency;

1993–1998 Surgeon at Kaunas Šilainiai Outpatient Clinic;

2000 Completed abdominal surgery residency;

2000–present Abdominal surgeon at the Kauno Klinikos Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital;

2004 Awarded the Doctor of Medicine;

2008–present Associate professor at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Surgical Clinic;

2010 Upper gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeon at Whittington Hospital (London, UK);

2010–present Abdominal surgeon at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic;

2011–present United Kingdom consultant surgeon;

2011–2014 Upper gastrointestinal and bariatric consultant surgeon at Weston, Colchester and North Staffordshire University Hospitals (UK);

2013–present Professor at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Surgical Clinic.


Professional Development

2001 Traineeship at Maastricht University Medical Centre (Maastricht, The Netherlands);

2003 Traineeship at University in Tübingen (Germany);

2007 Traineeship at Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sweden);

2009 Traineeship at Hospital Clinico San Carlos (Madrid, Spain);

2008–2010 European Obesity Academy international continuing education and research programme.