Antanas Mickevičius – MD, PhD, Abdominal Surgery

Work and Education

1990 Graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine;

1993 Completed general surgery residency;

1993–1998 Surgeon at Kaunas Šilainiai Outpatient Clinic;

2000 Completed abdominal surgery residency;

2000–present Abdominal surgeon at the Kauno Klinikos Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital;

2004 Awarded the Doctor of Medicine;

2008–present Associate professor at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Surgical Clinic;

2010 Upper gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeon at Whittington Hospital (London, UK);

2010–present Abdominal surgeon at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic;

2011–present United Kingdom consultant surgeon;

2011–2014 Upper gastrointestinal and bariatric consultant surgeon at Weston, Colchester and North Staffordshire University Hospitals (UK);

2013–present Professor at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Surgical Clinic.


Professional Development

2001 Traineeship at Maastricht University Medical Centre (Maastricht, The Netherlands);

2003 Traineeship at University in Tübingen (Germany);

2007 Traineeship at Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sweden);

2009 Traineeship at Hospital Clinico San Carlos (Madrid, Spain);

2008–2010 European Obesity Academy international continuing education and research programme.