Tooth Jewelry

Do you want a more sparkling and charming smile? Tooth jewelry is an excellent way to set you apart from the rest of the crowd!
Our Clinic offers tooth jewels that are made and certified in the European Union and come in different sizes and shapes. They can be made of gold, while gold, and Swarovski crystals.

How and When Is the Procedure Performed?

Tooth jewelry can also be used to mask small, noncarious lesions of the front teeth: pigmentation- or fluorosis-related spots, enamel hypoplasia, etc. However, no tooth jewelry should be placed on an unhealthy, decay-damaged tooth. Moreover, tooth jewelry is not recommended for persons with gum disorders, dental calculus, or oral mucosal diseases.
It is an easy, completely painless, and quick procedure that takes not longer than 20 minutes.
Tooth jewelry is bonded to the enamel of a healthy, not damaged tooth and does not cause any harm to your teeth.
Tooth jewels are tiny and thin (about 0.5–1 mm) and usually are felt only during the first days. A few days after, it does not cause any discomfort while eating, speaking, or brushing the teeth.
The tooth jewel can be easily removed on a personal request. The placement as well as removal of tooth jewelry is a completely painless and quick procedure that has no effect on tooth enamel, i.e., it remains smooth and undamaged.

What Should Be Known After the Procedure?

  • The jewel attached can stay on the tooth for a few months up to 1 year. If the tooth jewel comes off, the person should visit a dental practice where the remaining layer of the adhesive material will be removed (gently polished).
  • In order that the jewel would not come off as long as possible, it is very important to practice good oral hygiene and to control dietary habits. The person is advised to avoid rough, coarse foods and touching the jewel with his/her hands.
  • If a patient who wears a tooth jewel is a heavy coffee drinker or a heavy smoker and the tooth jewel is removed, a substantial color contrast can be seen at the place where the tooth jewel was bonded. In this case, it is recommended to whiten all the teeth to remove tooth discoloration.

Price list

Service name Price
Tooth jewellery 40-50 €