Maxillary Sinus Lift

After Sinus Lift Surgery

After the procedure, the surgeon will place a gauze pad between the cheek and the teeth, which should be kept for approximately 30 minutes to absorb the blood. After the procedure or the next day, bleeding from the nose may occur. The patient should not be afraid of this; it is normal. All the blood that gathers in the sinus is cleared through the nose. If the bleeding is intensive and does not stop, the patient should contact our clinic.
The patient should avoid any nose blowing; any secretions accumulated in the nose can be expectorated if needed. The patient should sneeze with the mouth open!
Any strenuous physical activities (exercise, lifting of heavy things), hot baths, and saunas should be avoided.
The patient is advised to sleep on the side of his/her body that has not been operated on.
It is recommended to avoid scuba diving and travelling by plane for the next 3 weeks after the surgery.


The patient should restrain from eating for 2 hours after the surgery; if an anesthetic has been used, the area treated will be numb for this period, and the cheek and the tongue can be easily injured while chewing. It is advisable to avoid coarse and hot foods on the same day. It is not recommended to drink coffee or alcohol as increased blood pressure can cause bleeding. To feel blood taste on the second day after the surgery is normal.


No smoking 1 week before and 3 weeks after the surgery. It restricts blood flow, wounds heal poorly, and the patient is at higher risk of acquiring an infection at the site treated. We strongly recommend quitting smoking at all.


Postoperative swelling after the maxillary sinus lift surgery is a normal reaction of the body to the procedure. The swelling will reach its maximum on the third day after the surgery and it will subside with every day. To reduce it, cold therapy can be applied: the cheek is cooled for 15 minutes, then a 30-minute break is done, and the procedure is repeated again from the beginning. If ice is applied, it should be wrapped in a thin towel and then placed over the treated area.
For postoperative pain relief, all ordinary medications from a home first aid kit, such as Ibumax, Ibuprom, Nimesil, or Ketanov, can be used, except aspirin as it has blood-thinning properties.

Personal Oral Hygiene

On the first day after the sinus lift surgery, the teeth should be brushed gently with a soft toothbrush. It is necessary to rinse the mouth with special mouthwashes for 5-6 times a day (for example, Eludril, Listerine, Hexoral).
After the surgery, the edges of the gums are closed together with the sutures; they will be removed after 14-21 days. The sutures should be clean and free of debris to ensure proper wound healing. It is recommended to clean the sutures with a piece of gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide until the sutures are removed.