Cosmetic Tooth Bonding (Restoration)

Cosmetic bonding
The state-of-the-art bonding material offers possibilities to repair different imperfections of teeth, to correct the shape and size of teeth, and to change their color. Even the smallest changes can dramatically improve a person’s smile.
On a patient’s request, cosmetic bonding can be used to hide the misalignment of teeth, to change their color, and to close large gaps between teeth. This procedure can also be employed to replace old large fillings in the front teeth, to repair chipped or broken and decayed teeth, to restore eroded enamel, and to improve the color of a dark, discolored tooth when other methods of whitening are not effective.
At the initial consultation in the Clinic “Grožio chirurgija,” it is possible to preliminary model the desired outcome on a model. This helps the patient better visualize the future appearance of the teeth and helps the dentist perceive the patient’s expectations.

How is the Procedure Performed?

This procedure can be done in a single visit. During a single visit, usually 4–6 teeth are restored, and it takes 4–6 hours to complete.
Cosmetic bonding is carried out preserving the hard tissues of the patient’s teeth. There are several methods of cosmetic bonding. In all cases at the beginning, old fillings and decay-damaged tissues are removed under local anesthesia. Then the tooth is isolated by using a rubber dam to keep the tooth dry. It is specially prepared and then is restored in multiple thin layers by applying the bonding material of different translucency that mimics natural tooth tissues, color, surface texture, and gloss. A very important step, which completes the restoration, is tooth polishing. The properly polished teeth regain a natural appearance (texture and gloss), and dental plaque is easily removed from their surface with a regular toothbrush.

What Else Should Be Known About the Procedure?

  • Sometimes marginal corrections are needed to be done after a few weeks following the cosmetic bonding procedure;
  • It is necessary to look after and take care of the restored teeth in order to ensure the longest possible duration of the cosmetic bonding: the patient should avoid eating hard food or biting on large pieces of food and brush them carefully every day. It is recommended to polish teeth with a diamond polishing paste 1–2 times a year. With the proper care, cosmetic bonding will last for 7–10 years;
  • If the restored tooth has fractured, it can be corrected easily, and no new cosmetic bonding is needed.

Price list

Service name Price
Aesthetic filling (restoration), one tooth 160-230 €