Cosmetic Bonding for Teeth With an Unusual Shape or Discoloration

It is a procedure of cosmetic bonding (cosmetic bonding) used for patients who have discolored teeth, teeth with pigmentation spots and cracked enamel, misshaped and crooked teeth, or teeth that are irregularly alignedin the dental arch (for example, located too deeply, rotated around their axis, too much protruded).

How is the Procedure Performed?

The procedure usually takes 45–90 minutes to complete.
A crooked, too much protruding tooth is polished, and the removed layer is restored by employing the cosmetic bonding procedure. Discoloration of the tooth is masked by selecting a brighter filling.

What Should Be Known About the Procedure?

It is not always possible to correct crooked teeth by cosmetic bonding; often patients need orthodontic treatment.

  • is not allowed to eat and drink for 2 hours after the procedure;
  • Sometimes marginal corrections are needed to be done after a few weeks following the cosmetic bonding procedure;
  • is necessary to look after and take care of the restored teeth in order to ensure the longest possible duration of the cosmetic bonding: the patient should avoid eating hard food or biting on large pieces of food and brush them carefully every day. It is recommended to polish teeth with a diamond polishing paste 1–2 times a year. With the proper care, cosmetic bonding will last for 7–10 years;
  • the restored tooth has fractured, it can be corrected easily, and no new cosmetic bonding is needed.