Facial Surgery

A face is like a book of human emotions and experience, where every trouble leaves its mark. The years passed leave their imprints on your face that you would rather keep hidden from the stranger’s eyes. Surgical correction of problem facial areas can give you a renewed look and can help you get rid of troublesome facial imperfections. The Clinic “Grožio chirurgija” offers a broad range of services, surgeries, and procedures for facial correction, which are performed by highly skilled, qualified, and experienced surgeons. 
The following specialists at our clinic provide consultations and perform surgeries:
Vygintas Kaikaris, MD, PhD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon;  
Kęstutis Maslauskas, MD, PhD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon;
Donatas Samsanavičius, MD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  

Price list

Service name Price
Cosmetic surgeon consultation 30 €
Service name Price
Full facelift (forehead, mid and lower facelift) 4525 €
Classic mid and lower facelift 3850 €
Lower facelift/neck lift 3600 €
Brow lift 1885 €
Upper eyelid surgery From 800 €
Lower eyelid surgery From 1335 €
Ear pinning - both ears From 1000 €
Ear pinning - one ear From 750 €
Full rhinoplasty From 2490 €
Tip rhinoplasty 2030 €
Rhinophyma treatment - €
Chin surgery (including implants) From 2230 €
Lip augmentation (implants) From 1600 €
Lip augmentation (fat transfer) From 1300 €
Facial fat grafting 1770 €