Breast Surgery

The female breasts have always been considered a symbol of femininity closely associated with every woman’s self-esteem. Women’s desires how their breasts should look like widely differ, but every woman wants that the breasts would help her show off femininity and body harmony. The specialists of our clinic can help you improve the size of your breasts, reduce asymmetry, or restore the breast shape lost after pregnancy and breastfeeding. 
The following specialists at our clinic provide consultations and perform surgeries:
Vygintas Kaikaris, MD, PhD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon;  
Kęstutis Maslauskas, MD, PhD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon;
Donatas Samsanavičius, MD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. 

Price list

Service name Price
Breast augmentation (including implants) 2900-4300 €
Breast lift 2300-3100 €
Breast lift and augmentation 3800-4700 €
Breast reduction 2500-3300 €
Inverted nipple surgery From 750 €
Gynecomastia 1600-2600 €
Service name Price

Relaxation massage