Ureteral stent removal

One of the most common indications for the introduction of a ureteral stent is blockage of the ureter. The stent is removed when there is no blockage of the ureter and the urine flow is restored, or when the stent should be replaced with a new one.

How Is the Surgery Performed?

Children are operated on under general anesthesia. In adults, it is done under local, spinal, or general anesthesia.
A ureteral stent is removed by inserting a cytoscope (a thin, hollow metal tube equipped a lens). The stent is grasped with grasping forceps and then is removed. If need, a new stent is introduced during the same procedure.

What Should Be Known After Surgery?

  • After the surgery, some discomfort in the urethra and the gallbladder can be experienced. It usually disappears with a few days;
  • A ureteral stent can cause some discomfort in the lower part of the abdomen and frequent urination;
  • The presence of a stent in the ureter usually requires the administration and usage of antibiotics.

Price list

Service name Price
Ureteral stent removal From 695 €