Stone removal

Stone removal is a procedure to remove stones from the urethra or the gallbladder.

How Is the Surgery Performed?

Children are operated on under general anesthesia; adults, under local, spinal, or general anesthesia.
If the stone is the anterior part of the urethra, it can be accessed and removed with grasping forceps. If the stone is not accessible by grasping forceps, a cytoscope (an optic instrument used to visualize the urethra and the gallbladder) is used, and the stone is removed with a basket-like device. In case the stone in the gallbladder is too large to be removed in one piece, first it has to be fragmented by a special device and only then it can be removed.

What Should Be Known After Surgery?

  • After the surgery, a catheter is inserted into the gallbladder, and it is removed after 1-2 days;
  • If after the removal of the catheter from the gallbladder, urine is retained and fever develops, it is necessary to see an urologist.

Price list

Service name Price
Stone removal (lithotripsy) From 415 €