Orthokine® therapy

What is The Orthokine® therapy?
The Orthokine®-therapy is a unique way to treat osteoarthritis and back pain biologicaly, without the use of any foreign substances. The Orthokine®-therapy uses individual autologous proteins derived from the patients blood, then applied as a medication. This kind of therapy is a complete autologous form of treatment.
Helps to relieve pain and protects the joints
The Orthokine®-therapy makes use of antiinflammatory and analgesic proteins derived from the blood, which is injected into the nerval root. One of these proteins is the Interleukin-1-Receptor-Antagonist. The autologous serum eases pain and prevents nerval inflammation. Thus, a true improvement of your back pain is achieved.
The Orthokine®-therapy provides you with autologous antiinflammatory and analgesic medication derived from your blood, which is injected into the diseased joint. One of the proteins is the Interleukin-1-Receptor-Antagonist, which acts as an antiinflammatory and analgesic agent, thus, a cartilage protector. The injection is equivalent to a type of routine orthopedic treatment, which is usually tolerated very well. Joint pain usually resolves quite quickly after treatment, and this leads to the improvement of joint function. The Orthokine®-Therapy has a beneficiary effect on thecartilage.
The Orthokine®-therapy – Autologous Proteins against Arthritis

  • eases pain
  • improves mobility
  • prevents degenerative joint disease

The Orthokine®-therapy – Autologous Proteins against Back Pain

  • eases pain
  • prevents inflammation
  • bears a long-lasting effect

When The Orthokine® method can be applied?
Efficiency of The Orthokine® treatment has been proven to these violations of the body, without surgical treatment:

  • joint osteoarthritis (stage I-III) – induced pain
  • backache
  • tendon and muscle damage

The Orthokine® method can be applied to several lesions simultaneously.