Arthroscopic shoulder decompression

Due to the narrowed space between the humerus and the acromial process of the scapula, the motions of the shoulder joint become painful and limited. Trauma and inflammation can contribute to the development of shoulder impingement.

How Is the Surgery Performed?

The surgery is performed under regional or general anesthesia. Depending on the extent of damage, time in surgery varies from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.
The surgery is done by a minimally invasive arthroscopic approach. An arthroscope is a thin, pencil-sized instrument equipped with a fiberoptic video camera, and all surgeon’s surgical manipulations are watched on a video screen. During the procedure, part of the coracoid process is removed, and thus, the normal function of the shoulder is restored.

What Should be Known After Surgery?

  • The sutures are removed after 12-14 days.
  • Passive range of motion exercises are encouraged after 1 week, and active range of motion exercises, after 3-4 weeks;
  • Routine activities can be resumed completely within 2-4 months.