Vaginal enlargement

Vaginal enlargement surgery is done when the vagina is restricted or has scars due to previous tearing or surgeries.

How Is the Surgery Performed?

The surgery is most commonly performed under regional or general anesthesia. During the procedure, special incisions are placed in the vestibule and inside the vagina, the scars are removed, and the vagina is sutured so that the vestibule of the vagina would become wider. Absorbable sutures are used to suture; therefore, they do not need to be removed after the operation.

What Should Be Known After Surgery?

  • Swimming is discouraged approximately for 6 weeks.
  • The patient should refrain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after the surgery;
  • Physical activity is discouraged for approximately 2 months, until the surgical wounds heal completely;
  • Physical activities and exercising are discouraged approximately for 2 months until the surgical wounds heal completely.

Price list

Service name Price
Vaginal dilatation From 485 €