Gynecologic surgery

Health and femininity are closely interrelated values. During any period of woman’s life, a woman can experience gynecologic problems not only leading to impaired health, but also negatively affecting sex life of quality of life. Medical help provided in time allows to feel good again and to regain self-confidence.

Consultations are provided and surgeries are performed by Artūras Šalaševičius MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Price list

Service name Price
Cervical conisation From 415 €
Cervical amputation and/or reconstruction From 485 €
Hysterectomy From 795 €
Diagnostic hysteroscopy (with biopsy) From 415 €
Vaginal dilatation From 485 €
Hymenoplasty From 865 €
Uterine fibroid removal From 865 €
Ovarian cyst removal From 865 €
Infertility testing (chromopertubation) From 865 €