Adenoid removal (adenoidectomy)

Adenoids, popularly known as nasal polyps, are a mass of lymphoid tissue in the throat at the back of the nose.
Due to the frequent infections of the upper airways or allergies, the adenoids can become enlarged. The enlarged adenoids (hypertrophy) usually occur in 2- to 10-year-old children.
Enlarged adenoids cause nasal obstruction (leading to the difficulty of breathing through the nose), a constantly runny nose, frequently recurrent ear infections, chronic sinusitis, or exacerbations of other diseases such as asthma and allergies.

When and Why Should Attention Be Paid?

Disorders caused by the enlargement of adenoids should not be forgotten thinking that the child will become healthy on his/her own. If left untreated, enlarged adenoids can lead to serious consequences affecting child’s psychomotor development.
Due to persistent nasal obstruction, the child experiences difficulty to sleep at night; during daytime, he/she appears to be sleepy, tired, and apathetic. Frequent ear infections can result in a condition known as glue ear that leads to impaired hearing and poor attention concentration. Impaired child’s speech is characteristic as well: it becomes muffled, the pronunciation of consonants becomes poor, and so-called hyponasal speech occurs. All these complications can impair child’s daily cognitive processes that are especially important up to the age of 10 years. If the symptoms persist, child’s motor and cognitive development can be severely delayed.

How Is the Surgery Performed?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and it usually takes 20 minutes to complete. During this procedure, the surgeon removes enlarged adenoids through the mouth with a special tool. Once the blockage in the nasopharynx has been eliminated, the air passage from the nose to the lower airways is restored.

What Should Be Known After Surgery?

  • The child should follow a special diet for 5 days after the procedure: eating fruits (except bananas), honey, and chocolate and drinking carbonated beverages and fruit juices are discouraged.
  • After the surgery, ice cream can be eaten because it serves as a local pain reliever.
  • After this procedure, nose stuffiness may be experienced for the period of a few days to several weeks.

Price list

Service name Price
Adenoid removal From 450 €