Remedial and preventive massage

Massage is one of the most pleasant and natural methods to restore the body to balance and harmony both physically and mentally, and remedial massage is an effective way to treat various diseases and disorders. Preventive massage will help maintain normal body functioning, improve health, and retain beautiful and attractive body contours. It delays aging processes as well.
Remedial massage helps treat various diseases and disorders, and restore and stabilize the damaged functions of the body.
Remedial massage is recommended for patients with:

  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • Disorders of the respiratory system (bronchitis, chronic pneumonia);
  • Disorders and traumas of the skeletal system (curvature of the spine, postural deformities, flat feet, bone fractures, bruising, ligament sprain, arthritis, osteochondrosis);
  • Disorders and traumas of the central nervous system (stroke and its related paralysis);
  • Disorders and traumas of the peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, neuralgia, plexitis, Parkinson’s disease, and other);
  • Chronic disorders of the digestive system;
  • Cellulite for its prevention and treatment.

Regular preventive massage helps maintain normal body functions, improves health, and delays aging processes.
Depending on personal needs, a full-body massage can be done or different body parts (back, shoulders, legs, arms) can be massaged.