Chemical peel

A chemical peel is a technique for the removal of epidermis cells that stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and is designed to prevent and treat skin diseases, or alleviate the course of the disease. This procedure is used to smooth and revitalize the skin of the face and the whole body, improve skin texture and tone, and provide a fresher look.
The Clinic “Grožio chirurgija” offers a chemical skin peel with the new-generation ENERPEEL system that acts in the deepest skin layers, stimulates an even distribution of the active substances in the skin, and causes considerably lesser skin irritation.
A chemical solution with active substances is applied to various damaged areas of the skin: scars, skin lesions with hyperpigmentation, thickened epidermis and stratum corneum layer, and inflamed or acne-damaged skin.
A positive effect is visible even after the first procedure: the facial skin becomes lighter in color and uneven skin tone is reduced. After 3-5 procedures, wrinkles, pigmentation, and pores are reduced, and skin becomes noticeably fresher and younger. Such a course can be repeated 2 times a year.

When Is the Procedure Performed?

A chemical peel gently and effectively smoothes out the wrinkles of different depth, improves skin elasticity, reduces sun exposure-caused damage, shrinks pores, helps even out skin roughness and pigmentation, brightens dull skin, reduces rash of different type, improves oily skin and rough skin texture, eliminates redness and inflammation, minimizes skin pigmentation, reduces and reestablishes fine capillary network, and improves the appearance of scars after chicken pox and stretch marks.
The procedure and active substances to be applied are adjusted for every patient on an individual basis according to the skin type, sin problems to be solved, and expectations. Considering this, different acids, such as mandelic, glycolic, pyruvic, salicylic, lactic, kojic, and trichloroacetic (TCA), or their cocktails are used for chemical skin peels.

What Should Be Known Before the Procedure?

Procedures for the removal of the superficial skin layer are used in combination with daily care measures at home. To properly prepare the skin for the procedure and to achieve the most beneficial results, it is recommended to peel the body with fruit juices before the procedure for 3 weeks daily and discontinue it 2 days before the treatment.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

The procedure takes about 10 minutes to complete. A chemical solution is applied to the skin and is left for 5 minutes. It is normal to experience warmth and occasionally slight pain. This shows that active substances penetrate to the superficial skin layers. Finally, discomfort following the peel is reduced: the skin is neutralized, soothed, and moisturized.

What Should Be Known After the Procedure?

  • Depending on the course of the procedure and the strength of the peel, during the procedure and after it, slight redness, temporary skin dryness, and superficial skin flaking may occur. These side effects diminish gradually within 3 days and can be considered as normal reactions of the body to the treatment;
  • After the procedure, the patient must strictly avoid direct sunlight and solarium, and it is necessary to use a cream with UV filters. Due to these reasons, the procedures of chemical peeling are not performed during the summer season.

The procedure is not recommended:

  • For persons with herpes simplex;
  • Earlier than 6 months after surgery (eyelid surgery, brow lift, etc.).
  • If the patient received laser-assisted treatment or any other procedures that can alter the structure of the skin in the past 6 months;
  • If radiotherapy was earlier applied to the same areas to be treated, which can alter physiological skin regeneration;
  • For persons who are prone to hyperpigmentation or scarring;
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • For patients younger than 14 years.